Creativity By Virtue Of Content

Writing is an artwhich portray ones thoughts. It is the best module to convey our feelings and perceptions. Writing has capability to revolutionize the thought process of masses it needs a lot of peace, patience and perseverance to establish a written form. A content writer has power to bring the change in every dimension by diversifying his words in a manner.
What is content?

1. Content is a précised theme which conveys the attributes of that subject and characterize it in a more unique way.

2. It is suppose to be precise and to the point with the glimpse of catchy words which are easy to understand and speak what is says.

3. Contents do not need to be lengthy as it can lose the interest of the reader plus it can manipulate the subject in different directions.

4. The written content shouldrevolve around the topic so that it does not give another arch to the subject.

5. Maintain the persistency of topic and words.

6. Originality: The chosen subject along with the content should be new and liberated from plagiarism.

7. Content is always written in a Passive format.

8.The most important part of content writing is its keyword. Content should start with a key word. Millions are spent upon keyword because through that viewership is calculated so while writing a content one should be kept in mind that keyword has to be original and unique so that when it is searched on internet it is listed among the priorities or at the beginning.

9. Every single page written should post the link so that reader does not go hay way andjumping around for the website and loose the interest from that subject.

Hence, the subject that you write upon demands a strategy to avoid clumsiness and lack of attraction therefore, it should be original to maintain its uniqueness.


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