Growth Hacking the Market Changer

Growth hacking is a way to experiment across various marketing channels and product development to identify efficient and effective ways to grow a business. It includes both conventional and non conventional experiments which can give way to business growth. Growth hacking have something real and stable that is pushing it and if it is used in proper way it has lot of potential.

Growth Hackers are the hackers whose main aim is to grow user of a specific product. These actually are engineers, product managers and marketers whose objective is to focus on building and engaging the user base of business. In last few years we have seen tremendous growth of various new products from zero to millions of people with very less or no marketing. Growth hackers’ prime focus is on low cost alternatives rather than traditional marketing. This type of marketing can be done by social media, email marketing, SEO, viral media and by targeted advertising.

This type of marketing flourished in new ventures or startups where small businesses had to find the ways to put up their product in center and thus communicate with users with their products. So its aim is to get business wide growth and as cheap as possible. In last few years many growth hackers have developed various techniques that are focused on email search engine optimization and marketing. Growth hacking focus on lowering cost per acquisition, but it also focuses on long term sustainability. It concentrates on optimization along with the lead generation.

One of the biggest mistakes by using Growth Hacker is to have unrealistic expectations. Thinking that there is someone which will make them star by using it magic with lots of power. Growth Hacking is very useful in many ways. All is we need to understand what it is meant to do for us primarily.



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