Significance Of Call To Action Button

Guidelines while creating call to Action

CTA (call to action) is a button which is placed on front page of website so that the customers which are visiting on the website are transferred into leads and as a result form on landing page is filled. In broader view we can say that it is link between current content and the visiting customer is interested and has higher value. The landing page should be having enough of relevant and interesting information which compels the visitor to share his basic information.

CTA buttons can be of different types. The main focus while creating this button is on action which user can perform while traversing through the website. The action related to these buttons can vary with different users. Here we discussing about various call for the action buttons based on their action.

  • Basic CTA’s.
  • Smart CTA’s.
  • Professional CTA’s.
  • Hot Spot CTA.

Guidelines while creating call to Action:

  • Visually appealing so that it persuades the user to check the offers.
  • These should be action oriented.
  • Should be visible from some distance and highlighted.
  • Specific and brief not more than 3-4 words.
  • Can be spotted easily without any efforts.
  • Clear and understanding so that visitor will understand what will they get on the connected landing page.

Uses of Call to Action

  • Social Sharing: To involve visitors with our company we need to create effective button of social media sharing i.e. Twitter and Facebook. Try to place social media sharing buttons on landing page, blogs or posts. Also make sure these are away from the places where people registering their personal information.
  • Lead Generation: The main work of this button is to generate leads by attracting more visitors. So we must place this where we can expect large number of users.
  • Closure of sale: It helps to convert leads generated into prospective buyers by motivating them to click right button when they are thinking to go for it or not.
  • Event Promotion: Using this for an event helps in increasing awareness among visitors about the product.

If you are using more than one call to action button on your page then prioritize them by using different color and size and emphasis should be given on the icons clarified meaning and their action.


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