Convince the Customers and convert them into Leads

traffic coming to our website

Social media has the biggest reach, but not every time this is translated into leads. To convince your customer we need better conversion strategies. These conversion strategies can boost business with no extra cost. To translate these leads into sales we need good strategies.

Social Media have the wide reach in our personal lives, but that does not mean that we will opt for a laissez-faire way for our strategies. For the better and result oriented outcome, we need solid strategies for our audiences. It offers unparalleled reach, but this rarely translates into sales here are our top tips to convince your customers through social media and boost your conversions.

Figure our Funnels

Each traffic coming to our website is going to react differently. We need to optimize images and copy to catch attention and not let customer bounce. We need to make a different strategy for referral customers as they have less information about you and they entered website at the different stage. We have to add on their existing knowledge without repeating their current information.

Use images and Videos Smartly

The speed of feeds is at lightning speed, within few fractions of time all information will be replaced by the recent ones. This continuous change makes it easy for our post to get unnoticed. So we have to stand differently and keep our images relevant and to the point. Good images not only attain our attention they also help in increasing overall conversion rate.

Hypothesis and Goal

Establish hypothesis and goal. This will help in keeping track of your progress guide you through actions that will drive us to our goal. It must contain timeline to monitor progress, values which need to be achieved, measurement of progress and actions that will help us to reach there. By monitoring these results we can think about the changes for the better progress.

Everything should not be focused on Product

Nobody likes people who speak about themselves only. Emphasis should be to engage customers, provide required and useful information, open dialogues and questioner.

At the end we can say that social media is not similar to other marketing ways, we can use this approach for initial planning but the end approach should be distinct.


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