Let’s discuss what is marketing demographics?


It is defined as selected population or area which is used for marketing or any research opinion. Demographic which are commonly used are location, age, income, educational qualifications, race, employment status etc. Now a day’s marketers are interested in distributing demography across various areas, income, households etc because of its evolution of new trend for marketing. This process is generally used in research for suitable markets and gets information about economy status of that specific area or population.

The Demographic trends give detailed account of changes which has been registered in a demographic area. As the change is not consistent so we can place restrictions with the changing numbers. If focuses on population study, its structure and the changes which it has gone through with time.

In marketing we use various ways to define demography. It helps us to create the outline of the hypothetical aggregation for which we have been provided enough of information. For e.g. marketing person want a male, poor-class, age 16-22, educated demographic.

The marketing person might be thinking about the two objectives regarding this.

  1. Determination of type of sub groups or segments existing in population overall.
  2. Create complete and exact characteristic frame about each segment and there members

Once this segregation is done accordingly they can plan and develop different marketing strategies and implement plan.

Typically used demographics which are used basically in marketing strategy are gender, age, area, race, income level, and ethnicity.
With brand various marketing companies help their clients to distinguish the target audiences so that they can be reached efficiently and effectively through their various marketing tools like direct mail, exhibitions, advertising, email marketing, web based promotions etc. This is key for targeting potential audiences.  If demographic strategy is well planned and defined we have achieved the half of new potential clients. With it we can also boost marketing and sales to wide extent as it leads us to creating and identifying potential buyers.


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